Friday, July 13, 2012

Andrew Russe, the UK's best kept secret.

Recently I had joined and created a profile on a music sharing and distribution site called . My main purpose in doing so was to eventually share music that I am currently working and to create a fan base. In doing so I uploaded a backlogue of old material that I had recorded throughout the years in hopes to garner some attention, feedback and maybe even some laughs! ( some of my old stuff leaves much to be desired.) Anyway, most of the Hendrix cover song material that I posted was getting some great comments, especially from one cat. His name is Andrew Russe, a singer, songwriter and musician from the UK. After some flattering  comments on my music I opened up his profile and gave his music a listen. First off I would have to say he has a great command and a dynamic voice, a sort of  Cat Stevens / Ed Roland quality but truly unique one. Once you realise this, it is apparent that the music that surrounds his vocals completely compliments it in every way imaginable. He creates a seemless marriage of instrumentation and song. No one instrument or element is more powerful than the other. There is alot of attention to detail here and the payoff is some great music. If you want to here some great Indie music from Andrew Russe click on the link below. I know you will enjoy his music as much as I did.

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