Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gear Review

This past week I had just finished up recording tracks, mixing and mastering my latest song titled 'Stay', http://alonetone.com/jaraimondimusic/tracks/stay-5.mp3 , for my new EP , 'It takes a Village'. While I was rehearsing the electric guitar track parts for the song I came across some really amazing VST plugins that I had downloaded several weeks prior. The first is a really punchy VST amp plug in called Juicy77 http://www.bteaudio.com/software/Juicy77/Juicy77.html
I used it on both electric guitar tracks which are panned hard left and right in the stereo field. Both guitars sound completely different due to the Juicy77's great tonal control and some use of other effects used in their respective effects chain. If you listen close to the guitar panned hard right you will hear a fairly overdriven guitar tone with a bit of grind. How I achieved this sound is by using the Juicy77 along with a very colorful compressor called the DC1A from Klanghelm http://www.klanghelm.com/DC1A.html . I love this compressor, it adds some vintage color that works great on guitar tracks. The greatest thing of all about these plugins is that they are all FREE! Yes FREE! Okay, so moving on to the guitar panned hard left. Again I used the Juicy77 with slightly less overdrive, the DC1A compressor and for a bit of grease I added the Classic Chorus from Kjaerhus http://acoustica1.cachefly.net/other/Classic-Effects-Installer.exe . I am completely satisfied with the results of these freeware VST effects and the realistic sounds they conjure up. This is proof that you don't need to break the bank or spend a dime to get some great guitar tones. Keep on pickin' and grinnin'.

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