Thursday, June 7, 2012

Progress of song #5 'Take it through the night'

'Take it through the night' is actually a song I had recorded a scratch version of a short time before I started work on the album. It was inspired by a song I had written and recorded called 'One more day'.  I was never really happy with the chorus of the song so I decided to revamp it and ended up with completely different lyrics and music. I ended up recording 3 totally different versions of the song and decided to go with the more upbeat 16th note rock tempo compared to the slower ballady feel which is similar to a couple other songs intended for my album.
Last weekend I was able to cue up the scratch track and lay down a couple acoustic rythym guitar parts panned left and right. This was also the first time I was able to utilize my Sound isolation shield which I modified with some better foam. The new foam worked like a charm and deadened some of the room reflection I was getting previously. I also discovered some better microphone positions which help reduce some of the boominess that was happening from the lower strings.
Next week I should be receiving my new interface and Midi controller so most likely I will be doing lead and background vocals along with a bass guitar track. I cannot wait!


  1. Jim I can't wait to hear some music.

    1. Prior to the albums release I will post an edited sampler of the music. Thanks for the interest. J.R.