Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Rock Guitar MIDI controller review

I had recently purchased the YouRockGuitar,, to use as a MIDI controller in my home studio. I would have to say that I was pretty pleased with this device after using it for only a few minutes after opening the package. Most of the built in synth sounds are pretty good.  However most of the guitar sounds leave much to be desired. My intention is to use this strictly to control the VST instruments loaded in my DAW much like you would do with a keyboard. I cannot see using this device as a primary instrument to take center stage in your recording. It would be suited better as a complimentary instrument to add synth, piano, etc. as color to your music. It does have some limitations but it does beat having to shell out close to $1000 bucks for a Roland Midi system
For a musician with a home studio on a budget, this YouRockGuitar is perfect and will get you decent results. I will be featuring the use of the YouRockGuitar on my upcoming CD release later this summer.

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